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The world's most easy-to-use FCS Spectrometer.

The QuantumXpert™ FCS spectrometer was designed with the biochemist and biologist in mind. Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy is ideal for high-sensitivity measurement of molecular interactions.

We've put the FCSXpert™ in the box by combining our powerful FCSXpert™ software and compact instrument design. The simplicity of the QuantumXpert™ spectrometer and FCSXpert™ software free you to focus on your research.

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Experimental Applicationsback to top

The QuantumXpert™ can be used to measure the diffusion, concentration, and interactions of fluorescently-labeled molecules or particles in solution.

With the QuantumXpert™, you can monitor the interaction of macromolecules (protein-protein, DNA-protein, DNA-DNA or DNA-RNA) and create sensitive assays to detect ligand-receptor binding or competitive displacement. Specific examples of FCS assays are provided in Sample FCS Experiments.

Key Featuresback to top

Sensitive Measurement of Biochemical Interactions

small molecules, proteins, viruses, beads, bacteria

The QuantumXpert™ is optimized for measurement of biologically and biochemically relevant particles from small molecules to bacteria. The value of FCS is its ability to distinguish between molecules and small particles of different sizes.

Measuring low sample concentrations in a very small collection volume (< 20 fL) allows you to quantitatively measure single-molecule binding and diffusion quickly. Now, with the QuantumXpert™, you can measure many of the protein and nucleic acid interactions that ELISA and PCR detect without the need for washing or amplification. FCS also provides valuable information that other fluorescence techniques cannot (e.g. FRAP, FRET).

Versatile Accommodation of a Wide Range of Fluorophores

Different Dyes in PipetsThe QuantumXpert™ is designed to measure molecular interactions of fluorescent samples in solution. The QuantumXpert is compatible with most popular and custom fluorophores, which means less time spent converting your current assays to FCS assays.

The simultaneous 491nm/532nm laser excitation and three simultaneous, single-photon detection channels provide you with the capability to combine fluorophores to create multiplex assays for more than one molecule using autocorrelation and/or cross-correlation analysis.

Simple Software Interface

Check out the new Xpert Fitter feature - let the FCSXpert™ software choose the best fitting model for your data.

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Having developed and used FCS themselves for many years, the scientists at Sensor Technologies have introduced the first simplified FCS system that anyone can use. The intuitive FCSXpert™ Software Provides:

  • Simple, push-button acquisition mode
  • Easy creation of batch acquisition methods
  • Intelligent data analysis

View our video demos page to see how easy it is to use the QuantumXpert with our FCSXpert™ software or download demo videos here: Single Data Acquisition (3:40, 9.11 MB), Batch Data Acquisition (5:23, 10.9 MB), Data Analysis (6:14, 11.7 MB).

No Hardware Alignment Required

All FCS instruments provide powerful single-molecule detection, but only the QuantumXpert™ gives you access to the power of FCS without the need for tedious maintenance. Don't waste valuable time preparing an instrument for measurement: take advantage of the QuantumXpert™'s fully-integrated design that provides robust, fixed alignment of all the optical components.

In fact, there are absolutely no dials, knobs or toggles on the instrument for you to adjust, align, or tweak. The entire system is completely controlled from the computer. It’s that simple!

Convenient Integration into Your Lab

To make FCS accessible to everyone, the patented QuantumXpert has been designed as a fully-integrated FCS instrument that can easily fit into any lab setting. Unlike other FCS instruments, the QuantumXpert does not require a special, dedicated environment because the QuantumXpert:

  • Fits on any lab bench
  • Does not require a fluorescence microscope
  • Does not require a dark room
  • Does not require an isolation table

We know that lab space is limited and working in the dark makes any task more time-consuming, se we removed those obstacles associated with traditional FCS instruments and made the QuantumXpert small and light-tight.

Comprehensive Data Acquisition and Analysis

The QuantumXpert™ enables simultaneous detection in three photon counting channels over eight time orders of magnitude. The FCSXpert™ acquisition and analysis software provides simultaneous acquisition of:

  • Three autocorrelation functions
  • Three cross-correlation functions
  • Three intensity traces
  • Three photon counting histograms

The FCSXpert™ software offers an extensive set of acquisition and analysis modes, while still remaining easy to use. These modes include:

  • Single and batch acquisition modes
  • Background and cross-talk corrections
  • Single and batch curve fitting
  • Flexible data display and export options

View our video demos page to see how easy it is to use the QuantumXpert™ with our FCSXpert™ software or download demo videos here: Single Data Acquisition (3:40, 9.11 MB), Batch Data Acquisition (5:23, 10.9 MB), Data Analysis (6:14, 11.7 MB).

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