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Advantages of the QuantumXpert for Solution-Based FCS

The QuantumXpert is a simplified FCS Spectrometer designed with the end-user in mind. It simplifies development and implementation of solution-based FCS assays with hardware optimized for solution assays and intuitive, easy-to-use acquisition and analysis software (see videos on use of FCSXpert software).

The FCSXpert software and AssayXpert reagent kits enable you to focus on asking the right questions with the QuantumXpert. Our goal is to make your FCS measurements with the QuantumXpert a routine part of your research program.

Features Optimized for Solution-Based Measurements

  • Two Laser Excitation Sources: The QuantumXpert is designed with a single laser having two simultaneous excitation laser lines at 491 nm and 532 nm. This provides users with the flexibility to select dyes with well separated emission spectra, reducing the possibility of signal crosstalk between detection channels.
  • Three Emission Detection Channels: The QuantumXpert is designed with three PMT detection channels to maximize flexibility in designing autocorrelation and cross correlation experiments utilizing a broad range of fluorescent dyes and two laser excitation wavelengths.
  • Automated Cross Channel Correction: The FCSXpert Software enables you to do background corrections as well as cross channel, or crosstalk, correction on the correlation data acquired.
  • No Sample Washing: Unlike an ELISA assay, FCS is a homogenous assay, which means that it is not necessary to separate bound from unbound fluorescent probe. In fact, the FCSXpert Software can tell you how much of your probe is bound, making it easy to conduct and analyze direct binding assays.
  • Simultaneous Acquisition of Fluorescence Intensity and Correlation Data: Intensity and autocorrelation data for three detection channels, A, B and C, as well as cross correlation data for channels AxB, AxC and BxC are displayed in real-time in an intuitive data acquisition interface. This feature allows you to visually assess the quality of your data as it is being collected.
  • Batch Data Acquisition and Analysis Modes: The FCSXpert Software allows you to acquire a single set of correlation curves or 100 curves in batch mode with no additional user intervention. Once the correct analysis model is selected, the FCSXpert Software allows you to analyze all of the autocorrelation and cross-correlation data collected, then display the results in the analysis interface. Options are available to export all data, results, and plots generated with the QuantumXpert.
  • AssayXpert Reagent Kits: AssayXpert Kits have been specifically designed to work with the optical design of the QuantumXpert. In addition, the FCSXpert Software modules that accompany each kit makes it easy to get answers from your measurements. It is designed to automatically account for reagent specific properties and to build these corrections into analysis of correlation and intensity data.