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Find help and information about the QuantumXpert™ hardware below.

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Safety Considerationsback to top

Radiation Exposure Warning:

Use of controls or performance of procedures other than those specified in the user's manual or adjustments to the specified procedures may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

rear panel with warning labels

Warning & Identification Labels

The rear panel of the QuantumXpert™ clearly displays:

  • (A) manufacturer's identification label with a serial number that is unique to each device
  • (B) certification label

System Startupback to top

The startup procedure entails startup of the QuantumXpert™'s laser and warm-up of the QuantumXpert™'s detectors.

Laser Startup

The QuantumXpert™ comes equipped with a dual channel 491nm + 532nm laser with an average power output of 20mW at each wavelength. The following startup procedure may be performed before or after startup of the FCSXpert™ software:

laser LEDs indicating laser is on
  1. Ensure that the interlock jumper on the laser controller is connected via the supplied cable to the “Interlock” port on the QuantumXpert™ (see Hardware Setup) and that the laser is powered (the green LED labeled 'POWER' on the laser controller is on).
  2. Set the key on the laser controller to the vertical “ON” position\ by turning it clockwise.
  3. The laser is stabilized and fully operational when the following LED's are on: 'POWER', 'TEMP LOCK', 'LASER ON', 'LASER LOCK'.
    • Note: It may take 1-2 minutes for the laser to stabilize.
  4. The key may be used as a standby ON/OFF switch without disconnecting the laser power supply.

Laser Interlock Resetback to top

If the laser interlock becomes disconnected, the laser controller will indicate an error (the red LED labeled 'ERROR' will light up) and will not illuminate until it is reset. Follow these steps to reset the QuantumXpert™'s laser:

laser LEDs indicating laser is on
  1. Make sure the laser key is in the horizontal 'OFF' position. (If it is not, turn the key counter-clockwise to the horizontal position.)
  2. Unplug the laser power supply from the power outlet.
  3. Re-connect the laser interlock connections.
  4. Plug the laser power supply back in.

If after performing the laser reset procedure the red 'ERROR' led is still on, please contact technical support for assistance.

Sample Loadingback to top

The QuantumXpert™ uses Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ 8-well sample chambers (Model #: 155409).

Adding Samples to Chamberback to top

Samples can be loaded using one of the following two methods:

Standard, 200 µL, Samples

Samples should be pipetted into the chambers so that the sample covers the bottom of the well and so that the height of the liquid is > 1 mm. These requirements are usually satisfied with minimum volumes of 200-250 µL, depending on the surface tension of the solvent.

Small-Volume, 10 µL, Samples

In cases where minimal sample consumption is desired, 10 µL droplets can be used in place of the standard 200 µL volume. Simply pipette the 10 µL drop into the center a well of the chamber.

  • Note 1: The reduced surface tension of samples that contain detergent may cause the droplet to spread out and cause artifacts in the data.
  • Note 2: When using 10 µL samples, handle the sample chamber carefully so that the droplet remains in the center of the well.
  • Note 3: Due to the small volume of the 10 µL samples. evaporation may occur over the timescale of your measurement, affecting your results.

Loading Sample Chamber

laser LEDs indicating laser is on

The measurement aperture of the QuantumXpert™ is located under the sample cover on the side nearest the right edge of the instrument, so the sample chamber should be inserted so that the well to be measured is facing the outer edge of the QuantumXpert, as shown to the right.

Chamber Accessories

The sample chamber may be loaded with or without the chamber cover, and may also be sealed to prevent evaporation.

Selecting Correct Sample Well

The sample chamber can be moved into four different position for measuring each of the four wells that are facing the outer edge of the QuantumXpert. The positions are indicated on the sample guide.

When the first position is reached, the sample drawer will click into place and the first line on the sample guide will be aligned with the line on the sample drawer.

Each well position can be reached by sliding the sample drawer until the respective line on the sample guide is aligned with the line on the sample drawer.

Unloading Sample Chamber

To unload the sample chamber, simply slide the sample drawer until the entire sample chamber is visible and slide the sample chamber out from the sample drawer.

The sample chamber may be discarded or saved for measurement again at a later time.

System Shutdownback to top

The shutdown procedure only entails shutdown of the QuantumXpert™'s laser. The QuantumXpert™ itself can remain powered and ready for use by leaving +5V and +12V power supplies connected.

Laser Shutdown

The following shutdown procedure may be performed before or after shutdown of the FCSXpert™ software:

  1. Set the key on the laser controller to the horizontal “OFF” position by turning the key counter-clockwise.
  2. Disconnect the power to the laser by unplugging the laser power supply adaptor or laser power supply (see Hardware Setup for part descriptions).