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FCSXpert™ Software Features: Xpert Fitter

Further simplify your FCS data analysis with our "Xpert" model selection algorithm.

We've added Xpert model selection to simplify your FCS data analysis. The Xpert model selection algorithm implements the model selection process outlined in our FCS Classroom. By comparing statistical factors (e.g. F-Test) and physical constraints, the Xpert Fitter chooses the FCS model that best describes any set of data.

Easy Access

The Xpert model selection is simple to use. Just locate the 'Curve Fitting' tab in the analysis pane (see figure 1 below) to view the model selection options. Since "FCSXpert Model Selection" is chosen by default, you can just click "Start"!

Fig. 1 Main window with curve fitting tab highlighted
Figure 1: Model selection options in 'Curve Fitting' tab.
Sit Back & Relax

All you have to do is let the Xpert fitter do the work, testing each FCS fitting model against each of your datasets (fit 1 or fit 100 - it's up to you!). The software will alert you when it's done and highlight any warnings if any of your data sets didn't fit well.

Fig. 2 Fitting progress window
Figure 2: Fitting progress window.
You're Still in the Driver's Seat

Of course, manual model selection is still available if you would like to compare the fits yourself. Simply select the "Manual" selection option (see figure 3 below). The software will then allow you to choose one or more of the six fitting models available to fit to your data. You can compare these fits later using the 'F-Test' comparison tool or your favorite experimenter's eye.

Fig. 3 Manual model selection
Figure 3: Manual model selection options.
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